Bollywood Movies in December 2013

Bollywood movies are so famous in world. Want to check movies release date in December2013 month. Here is the list of movies which are released in December month.

Many so popular and big brands movies are come in December month like Dhoom 3 are most awaited movie in this year. Its another movie from Dhoom Series. R… Rajkumar is romantic comedy movie of Sonakshi Sinha and Shaid Kapoor.

Check list of movies which are released in December month

Release Date Movie Name
06-Dec-2013 Club 60
R… Rajkumar
13-Dec-2013 Jackpot
Lucky Kabootar
What The Fish
20 Dec 2013 Dhoom 3
25 Dec 2013 Mahabharat – 3D Animation

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